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At Haven Beauty & Skin Studio, we are committed to delivering professional and results-based facials also known as 'Skin Workouts'. 


We all know that in order to lose a couple of kilos, it requires us to go to the gym more than once and have multiple sessions with a fitness professional. Skin is just the same, it takes more than one professional treatment to obtain your desired outcome. That's why we have specially designed a Skin Workout programme to help you achieve these results in a clear and cost-effective way.

In addition to the already reduced prices on these services, whilst on a Skin Package, you will exclusively be entitled to 20% off your product purchases.

Skin health will ensure you can stay away from invasive facial procedures and keep the botox needles at bay.




We can't wait to go on a skin journey with you!


Please contact us to discuss your needs and suitability. 

Professional treatments + Customised Skin Care = Real Results

Dehydration Package

2 x hour Signature Facials

2 x Skin-workouts + Infusion Facials

2 x Vita-Brasion Facials


Save $159

Acne Scarring Package

2 x 1 hour Signature Facials

2 x Vita-Clear Skin Workouts

2 x DNT (Skin Needling face only)


Save $219

Skin Resurfacing Package

1 x Signature facial

5 x DNT (skin needling face only)


Save $268


Anti-Aging Package

1 x 30 Minute Signature Facials

1 x Vita-Brasion Facial

2 x A-Zyme Facials

2 x A-Zyme Facials with Vitamin Infusions


Save $227

Pigmentation Package

1 x 30 Minute Signature Facial

4 x Radiance Plus Facials

1 x Vita-Glow Express


Save $185

Acne Package

1 x Signature facial

2 x Vita-Clear Skin Workout Express facials

2 x Vita-Clear Skin Workouts + Infusion

1 x Advanced Facial


Save $185

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