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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never had a facial before, what can I expect?


Your dermal therapist will provide you with a comprehensive skin analysis and walk you through the treatment before and during so you understand what you can experience and the benefit it has to your skin. We are big believers in skin education so you can have amazing skin every day.


I have never had a peel before, how do I know if it is right for me?


All of our facials are performed with Ultraceuticals products and have a strict processing guideline as to which candidates are suitable. To be eligible for a peel, your dermal therapist will run through a checklist with you prior to performing a treatment to ensure you are suitable.

DNT (Direct Needle Therapy) also known as Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy

  • Does it hurt

Some mild discomfort may be felt during the treatment. You can apply your own topical anaesthetic 30 minutes prior to your appointment at your own discretion. You may experience your skin feeling a 'sunburnt' sensation after the treatment, this will subside 24-48 hours after your treatment.

  •   Why would I chose DNT over a peel or any other facial?

The results from skin needling are second to none. The application method using tiny needles to create micro channels in the skin 'trick' your skin into thinking there has been a trauma and stimulate the cells to go to work in a controlled fashion allowing for accelerated skin rejuvenation & resurfacing.  Although this modality may not be suited to every skin type. Your dermal therapist will ensure that this treatment is right for you via a comprehensive consultation prior to performing the treatment. Results vary due to many varying factors such as diet, hormone and stress levels, healing ability and home care. A course of 4-6 treatments at a minimum are advised for optimum results.

LED Light therapy (Light Emitting Diode)

  • What is an LED treatment?

LED light therapy is the application of thousands of light emitting diodes at certain wavelengths to stimulate cells. It is completely non-invasive and can instantly boost results of your skin concern.

  • Are LED Facials suitable for me?

Treatments are suitable for all skin types and concerns and will be customised for you based on your individual skin needs. Your clinician will complete a consultation to select the right treatment plan for you, and assess your suitability for LED.

  • How many treatments are required before I start seeing results?

Most LED clients will experience visible improvement from their first treatment. To achieve optimal results we recommend a series of 8-6 LED facials.

  • How long do LED treatments take?

While most clients will spend 20 minutes under the LED device during the facial, LED treatments are often combined with other facial treatments to enhance treatment outcomes.

  • Can LED treatments be combined with other technology services?

LED makes an ideal addition to other technology enhanced facials and can be combined with services such as microdermabrasion, peels and Collagen Induction therapy. 

Store Policy

Cancellation Policy

At Haven Beauty & Skin Studio, we operate by appointment only. As such, we value your precious time and ours alike. Please provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend by calling or texting 0427 984 089. This will allow other people waiting for an appointment to take your place. If you fail to attend your appointment, a $25 'no show' fee can be applied at the salon's discretion. For any appointments an hour or longer, a deposit of 50% will be taken at the time of your booking.



New client registration


If it is your first time visiting Haven Beauty & Skin Studio, please arrive at least 5 minutes early to your appointment time to complete a client registration form. This form is necessary to collate your personal information, identifying any medical conditions that may stop you from having a treatment with us. Should your medical or medicinal intake change over time, please advise our staff.

Payment methods

We accept payment via CASH or bank transfer. This reduces fees for both you and I and allows me to keep my prices fair for you!

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