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Reiki Energetic Healing

The energy release that is felt during a session works by shifting stuck energies in our chakra systems. Our chakra systems are located in specific parts of our body that store negative energy that we keep hold of in our bodies by not acknowledging them and letting them go.
What to Expect during a session:
The process of receiving Reiki is a beautiful and peaceful experience. Before starting a session, Paula will ask you for your intention with what you need help with. You are comfortably lying down and invited to do nothing but simply relax and be present in the moment. It is normal to experience certain emotions, see lights, feel tingling through the body and even warmth. After a session has completed you are left feeling restored to your best self with clarity, emotional lightness, acceptance and love.

More than one session may be required and Paula will guide you through the process. Reiki can be part of your standard wellness routine and is encouraged for you to enjoy as regularly as you like.

Reiki - $60 for 30 minutes


Sound Bowl Healing


Sound bowl healing is the use of crystal bowls that operate at a certain frequency (Htz) to induce your brain into a deep state of relaxation. Scientific research shows it engages your brain into the Theta brain wave frequency (subconscious mind). This is the frequency our brains operate at when we are about to fall asleep. If you are experienced in meditation you may be able to access the Delta brain wave frequency (unconscious mind).


Besides the ultra deep relaxation this provides, the different bowls operate at different notes which are in alignment with our Chakra system. Once your chakra systems have been cleared you will experience a deep sense of relief and comfort. As if you are emotionally free from any stuck pain of trauma that you are holding onto in your body system.


Give yourself permission to deeply relax, let go and unwind mentally & physically. You deserve peace at all levels.

Sound Therapy -  $60 for 30 minutes

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